My journey to discover my ancestors and those of my husband began in 1994, and is a continuing project. This genealogy covers branches of Bell, Brown, Burkey, Cox, Ess, Freeman, Junkin, Mobley, Pollard, Shields, Smith, Turner, Vaughn, Young and allied families. My research focuses primarily on Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

The information on these pages is in a narrative format. I have included census information as it was recorded, because of the fascinating glimpse into the families that it provides. The census was not always accurate. A child, a family member not fluent in English, or even a neighbor may have given incorrect information about some members of a household. Because of this, you may see discrepancies between information contained in the census paragraphs and the primary events on these pages.

Although great care has been taken, I cannot not guarantee the accuracy of all information on these pages. I have included both primary and secondary sources so that you may evaluate them.

These pages are a work in progress which I update frequently, so please do visit again. If you would like to comment, share new information, or let me know of a needed correction, please click on my name below.